Daum Nancy Marks – Authentic Daum Nancy Marks

Daum Nancy Marks & Signatures

daum_nancy_marks_70As a collector or dealer, it is important to be able to spot authentic Daum Nancy marks. In reality, the mark on a Daum Nancy piece is just a small part of determining the authenticity of a Daum Nancy item. There are literally dozens of different Daum Nancy signatures. We are going to try to keep this page updated frequently to include bad reproduction signatures and authentic marks.

The image directly to the right is from the Daum factory. The image quality here is poor, but it gives a basic idea of the variety of signatures that are out there.

If you would like to get a high resolution copy of this image, just ask. It is one of the better guides out there. It is far from definitive, but it nice having an assortment of marks and signatures all in one place.

The other marks below are 100% authentic. Please read the description below each image for more details.



This is a classic gold signature that is found on the base of many vases and smaller items. These marks sometimes have a little bit of texture. These are also the easiest to forge and apply to any kind of glass piece.



This is an engraved Daum Nancy signature. These can be on the base or the side of a work. They are often scrolled like this one. These Daum Nancy marks are difficult to fake.



This is one of the more classic Daum Nancy marks. It is complete with the Cross of Lorraine. These are almost always found on the walls of the piece.



Here is another authentic Daum Nancy mark. It is lightly engraved on the base and has the classic Cross of Lorraine coming down of the N of Nancy.



Occasionally the actual artists at the factory would mark their own pieces. These are most commonly seen with a “T” or “W”

Check back frequently to see new additions. Please contact us if you believe you have an authentic Daum Nancy piece and you would like the mark to be authenticated.