Daum Nancy Appraisals – We Appraise Daum Nancy Glass

We Offer Free or Paid Appraisals for All Daum Nancy Glass

We can appraise Daum glass in two ways: 1) Informal Opinion* 2) Official Written Appraisal

An opinion is free. To give an opinion we need at least two images of the Daum Nancy piece being appraised, one of which needs to include the Daum Nancy mark. The opinion consists of our thoughts as to authenticity and a basic price range of what we typically offer for similar items.

A written appraisal costs $125 per Daum piece. We need seven digital photos to complete the appraisal, four of each side of the piece, one of the base, one of the top/inside, and one of the Daum Nancy mark. The appraisal includes reference citations and previous auction results, along with an estimated current market value.

*99% of our interaction with customers is what most people would consider informal opinions. We are happy to answer any and all questions related to authenticity, value, current market, etc. We get dozens of emails a week from people casually researching their items; we love exchanges like this. It gives us a chance to see fresh Daum glass. Don’t feel intimidated to ask any questions. We just have to distinguish the term opinions from appraisals. If you need something for estate or insurance purposes you will need an actual appraisal, an email exchange will not be sufficient to provide support to a court or insurance company.

We have a guide here about the different terms and price levels discussed in opinions or appraisals. It is important to note the difference between an insurance value and the typical price a dealer can offer a customer.

Send us an email or fill out our contact form and tell us about your Daum glass.