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Welcome to Daum Nancy Antiques.  If you have reached our site that means that you are either a collector, dealer, or someone looking to learn more about your Daum Nancy glass.  We have designed our site to pack as much information about Daum Nancy vases and lamps as possible into an easy to use website.  You will learn about how size, style, and scene all affect values.

Services We Provide:
-We purchase single or entire Daum Nancy collections
-We can formally appraise all Daum Nancy glass for IRS purposes
-We service want-lists at all the major shows and auctions
-We keep a Daum Nancy inventory for our customers (off-line)
-We accept consignments for Manifest’s art glass auctions.

Check back often.  We are frequently adding pictures to the image gallery and the Daum Nancy mark and signature page.

Do not hesitate to ask any and all questions about your Daum Nancy item.

Send us an email:  glass@daumnancyantiques.com

Text to:  763-360-3608

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We are looking forward to hearing from you.  There are no dumb questions and when dealing with antiques, you always want to be educated.

We can also help with inquiries related to other French art glass, especially Argy Rousseau and Galle vases.