How Can I Sell Daum Nancy Glass?

How Does A Transaction Work To Sell My Daum Nancy Glass?

We handle transactions the same way anyone dealing with high values antiques does.  We are careful, confidential, and fair.

1) Send clear high resolution digital photos to our email address:  If you can’t send digital photos please send quality images to our mailing address.
2) Assuming you have an authentic Daum piece we need for inventory or have a buyer for then we can make you an offer.
3) Pending your acceptance of our offer the transaction continues as follows:

-You send out your item via USPS registered mailed with insurance and signature confirmation to our PO Box.  For a $2,000 vase this shipping method would cost around $12.00 – and we reimburse any shipping and insurance costs.
-Upon receipt of your package we send you a check, money order, paypal, etc. the same day.

It is customary to ship an item to a dealer before being paid.  However, if this is extremely uncomfortable for you we can always make other arrangements.  We have connections with dealers and antique shops all over the country who can act as an exchange point.  We want to do whatever it takes to make you feel as comfortable as possible when it comes to selling your valuable antique.