Daum Nancy Blackbirds Vase | Value and Appraisal

Daum Nancy Blackbirds

One of the most valuable Daum Nancy themes is simple called blackbirds. Blackbird Daum Nancy vases are always immediately recognized even by the casual collector. Daum Nancy typically made darker earthen hued pieces. The blackbirds pattern is totally different from the standard color scheme Daum Nancy used. Most blackbird pieces will have white as the denominate color, with light but warm yellow tones closer to the base. Whether you call them blackbirds, crows, or ravens the dark feathered birds are always what draws the attention of the observer. I think the appeal of the Daum Nancy blackbirds vase is the fact that we can all remember a scene from childhood or just that special day when we all slowed down to play in the snow.

The blackbirds theme does tend to command a premium over similar Daum Nancy vases. How much that premium is simply depends on the piece. Please contact us for exact pricing on your Daum Nancy blackbirds vase or other item.



Daum Nancy Blackbirds Vase with Handles



Daum Nancy Blackbirds Open Salt Cellar


Daum Nancy Blackbirds

Daum Nancy Blackbirds Cracked Egg Vase