How to Identify Authentic or Reproduced Daum Nancy Glass

Is My Daum Nancy Item Real Or Fake?

Fortunately for collectors there are not many good fake Daum Nancy items in existence. For years the French glass work of Emile Galle has been considered the most valuable and hence it has been reproduced the most. Daum has been relatively safe to buy; however, with the market for French glass heating up, you do still need to be careful.

The most important thing to do when considering the authenticity of a Daum Nancy piece is to use common sense. If it seems too good to be true it probably is.
-if you are at a flea market and someone who normally sells socks happens to have ten identical Daum vases, they are fake.
-if an antique dealer has a whole inventory of correctly priced an attributed French glass and one Daum piece is oddly priced at a fraction of its true value – odds are it is fake.
-if you are at a souvenir shop in Paris and everything for sale is obviously new knick-knacks, but there is a Daum lamp in the corner – it is fake.

We hear wonderful stories on Antiques Roadshow about yard sale finds and estate purchases. In reality for every one story of success there are another 100 about how someone quickly lost $100 trying to make a score.

There are some more hard evidence ways to spot a fake Daum Nancy item. However, this information is closely guarded and best not shared over the internet. We can say that a marking’s style, font, placement, and color are very important. If you believe you have an authentic or fake Daum Nancy piece, tell us about it. We are happy to give you a free opinion.