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Daum Nancy Tumblers

The Daum Nancy tumbler is a bit of an industry term used by collectors and dealers to describe Daum Nancy vases that are about five inches tall and mostly cylindrical.  The popularity of the Daum Nancy tumbler relates to its size and standard design across different scenes.  Daum Nancy made dozens of different shapes and dozens of different scenes.  However, one of the most constant designs was the tumbler.  The Daum Nancy tumbler is slightly larger in the middle and the base and rim tend to be the same size.
Collectors like the Daum Nancy tumblers because you can put together a uniform set of all kinds of different scenes for a really reasonable price.  Contact us for exact pricing on your Daum Nancy tumbler.


Very early green Daum Nancy tumbler



Unusual tree scene Daum Nancy tumbler


Daum Nancy Tumblers

Daum Nancy violets tumbler


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