Daum Nancy Windmills Vase | Value and Appraisal

Daum Nancy Windmills Scene

The Daum Nancy windmill scene is very different than a lot of their other work.  The windmill scene tends to have more of a pottery look and glass look.  There doesn’t tend to be very much cut glass to the windmill pieces.  Expect to find mostly enameling and very little texture.

Daum Nancy windmill scenes almost always feature blues and grays.  These are not exceptionally exciting and therefore they don’t command as much money as some more intricate pieces.

We do buy Daum Nancy windmills.  Please contact us and tell us what you have available.


Daum Nancy Windmill Bowl


Daum Nancy Windmill Flower Vase


Daum Nancy Windmill Beaker Vase


Daum Nancy Windmill Detail