Daum Nancy Salt Cellar – Information, Appraisals, and Values for Daum Nancy Salt Cellars

Daum Nancy Salt Cellars

Daum Nancy salt cellars are the some of the smallest items produced by the company.  Salt cellars typically have a landscape scene.  Daum Nancy made and sold these in different numbers.  Typically a pair will sell better than a single.  These are mistakenly called ashtrays sometimes.  Daum Nancy salt cellars have complete scenes.  Some people cut down heavily damaged vases so that they appear they are salt cellars.  This would never fool even a basic collector, but it might deceive someone from outside the hobby.  Daum Nancy salt shakers present an affordable way to collect Daum Nancy while still being able to appreciate the art and craftsmanship that went into a piece.  See below for value information.


daum_nancy_salt_cellars_image_65How much is a Daum Nancy salt cellar worth?


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