Daum Nancy Mushrooms Vase | Value and Appraisal

Daum Nancy Mushrooms

Daum Nancy mushroom pieces can be found throughout Daum Nancy’s entire line of shapes and sizes. There are probably less than a dozen very familiar patterns that the casual Daum Nancy collector could name, and the mushroom pattern is probably near the top of the list.

Daum Nancy mushroom vases and other forms typically have that country house charm. They are a bit whimsical and you are not sure if you should take them seriously. As you can see below, Daum Nancy got creative with this pattern. Based on the location of the Daum Nancy factory in France, I can see how these might be a local favorite.

We do buy Daum Nancy mushroom related pieces. Please contact us and tell us what you have available. 


Daum Nancy Mushroom Vase with Handles


Daum Nancy Mushroom Pitcher


Daum Nancy Mushroom Pot


Daum Nancy Mushroom Cup


Daum Nancy Square Mushroom Vase