Daum Nancy Lake Scene Vase | Value and Appraisal

Daum Nancy Lake Scenes

The Daum Nancy lake scene vase is always popular and typically very affordable. In these Daum Nancy vases you can expect to find a lake, a large tree as a central figure, a light sky, and mountains. The foliage tends to be dark and the sky will typically be the warmer color, like an orange, red, or yellow. The lake usually has ripples and most backgrounds feature mountains. They basically look like summer in a glass.

These Daum Nancy vases are found most frequently in a chalice like shape. The base has a pedestal and the vase is widest at the opening. However, Daum Nancy made them in almost all shapes and sizes including lamps. I think every lake house deserves a Daum Nancy lake piece. These can be bought for less than a thousand dollars if fairly mundane. Even the larger more intricate pieces are not terribly expensive.

We do buy Daum Nancy lake scene vases.  We would love to learn more about your vase.

Daum Nancy Lake Vase in Unusual Form


Very Bright Daum Nancy Lake Scene


Daum Nancy Lake Scene with Signature


Most Affordable Daum Nancy Lake Vase on Page


Unusual Color Scheme for Daum Nancy Lake Scene